Main Line Remediation provides services above and beyond its competitors. Replace existing stucco with a wide selection of exterior finishes.


Main Line Remediation is a full service masonry remediation company.


Any home, no matter how old, can be a victim to stucco failure. The smallest of cracks can allow moisture to enter your home which can then cause major issues. This moisture, if left untreated, can threaten the structure of your home and the health of your family. When water gets trapped in your house, it can rot plywood and cause black mold to grow, which can be a very expensive fix.

We offer a variety of options to refinish your home after the remediation, including but not limited to, James Hardie® siding, vinyl siding,  brick, stone, stucco,  etc. We want your moisture problems to be resolved as quickly as possible while providing quality work that you can be proud of.


In addition to residential homes, Main Line Remediation offers services to commercial buildings as well. No building is safe from stucco failure. We can provide a quality product and save valuable time and money during and after construction.



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