Homeowners dealing with stucco remediation may, understandably, be hesitant to reinstall stucco as their choice of exterior finish. However, stucco manufactured now is very different from the stucco manufactured 10 years ago. There are new construction methods for installation that make this an excellent choice for an exterior facade, and clients looking for a particular look and do not want vinyl or James Hardie cement siding should look to this cement facade.

It is a manufactured concrete facade that uses natural materials like lime, silica sand, and white cement. Stucco is energy efficient which means that it is an incredible insulator of warm and cool air. It is easy (and inexpensive) to maintain a constant temperature inside a house with a stucco facade regardless of the temperature outside.

Stucco has seen a resurgence in recent years because it is affordable, easy, flexible, and durable. Unlike vinyl and fiber-cement siding, stucco can meet most non-standard design needs such as curves and angles.

When it is correctly installed, water that gets in does not become trapped between the siding and the structure, making it resistant to rot and fungus. It’s durability and ability to breathe are its primary benefits as an exterior material.

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At Main Line Remediation, we are able to correctly install it according to proper guidelines. Proper installation guidelines were updated in in 2010 after inspections of homes with stucco installed prior were found to have extensive damage, including wall-rot and black mold. In order to correctly install stucco, you absolutely must include an air gap to avoid wall-rot problems. We only use top manufacturers and their products, including, but not limited to, Tuckahoe Sand, Total Journeyman Acrylic Finish (top layer of stucco), Parex Fiber 47, Keene Drainage Mats, 60 lb. JumboTex Tar Paper, Amico EZ Beads, Weep Screeds (they allow moisture to leave the wall surface), Expansion Beads, and Metal Lath.

You can rest assured that your home is in good hands with Main Line Remediation.

Stucco is applied in layers – it’s thickness, layers, and unbroken surface reduces noise transmission. It seals openings as it is applied, therefore blocking any path that soundwaves would use to travel.

The Foundation of the Wall and Ceiling industry has classified stucco as noncombustible. It is insect, rodent, and other creature proof, and can improve a building’s ability to withstand an earthquake.